Gavin Clark
OK so the bad guys have returned...


Thieving Bastards!
My car was broken into today at Greenlake. They took my cell phone from the console compartment and a drill out of the trunk. The good news is that... Continues...

Good guys win!
Ha ha! No more prohibition era communist style liquor stores. I can't believe it got done. It's giving me a great big Democracy bone.
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Welcome to my personal site.

This thing runs on Sitemaker, my website building system. Some of the stuff on this site is experimental.
A liqueur label I whipped up for a friends xmass present

About Sitemaker

Sitemaker makes it super easy to put up a real website, as opposed to that thing your cousin is trying to make in front page. It has interactive features, database integration, statistics, crumbs for the search engines. It manages your content without being geeky like a wiki or nuke site. It makes it simple to keep your content fresh like a blog but without being so formulaic and limiting. It is simple to use for the beginner but has very rich features which let power-users go to town with customizations. It handles all the technical details for you.

I find the web applications that come out of the open source world to be too geeky. It takes specialized knowledge to set them up and to use them. They try to be all things to all people and tend to have so many settings that you spend more time fiddling with controls than doing actual work.

I have done my best to make Sitemaker elegant and intuitive. The goal is to have your site come up looking good automatically and to keep novices from shooting themselves in the foot. There are usually just enough choices to allow your site to be unique while keeping you from having to learn huge numbers of controls. At the same time I've added hooks throughout the system to let a knowledgeable person customize the hell out of his site with CSS and scripting.

While there are some very smart people coding web applications, we believe there is more to a good solution than clever programming. Clark Internet can put a wide range of knowledge and experience into the mix. Expertise in computer hardware and software is not enough. Business savvy, marketing, psychology, art, color, aesthetics, proper English grammar, foreign language skills, information management, and even popular culture can all have a bearing on the task at hand.

Weather near my house

Weather Underground PWS KWALYNNW28 This guy has a weather staion 2 blocks from me.


OK, actually really friggin hot. As I add this it is 94°F at 11:30 at night! Click Me